Ocean Freight

We have extensive experience in formulating reasonable, flexible and efficient shipping solutions for our clients. Given that we have very strong strategic partnership with major shipping lines such as WHL, COSCO, ONE, ZIM, EMC, MSK, MCC, HMM, YML, TSL, OOC etc.

We offer a range of services as below:

Full container load

Less than container load

Buyer’s consolidation load

DG container load

OOG services

Break bulk services

Air Freight

Air Freight

We have been in good cooperation with EK, CZ, CK, SQ, BA, MU, TK, 3U, 9C, KY, TG, MH, CA etc. We are committed to providing clients with the most efficient and convenient transportation way. No matter the size of the goods, we can always find out the fitting solution for you.

For the services we providing as below:

Sea-Air shipments

Part or full charter

Dangerous goods handling

Land Freight

Relying on the national strategy of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road, we provide customers with FCL/bulk transportation of China-Europe trains, nationwide door-to-door delivery, domestic customs declaration and inspection, European customs clearance, and delivery throughout Europe. We provide customers with complete import and export services for Chinese B2B and B2C companies. Container/bulk rail transportation, DDU/DDP and other required services. As the forerunner of the Silk Road One Belt One Road logistics project, the China-Europe Railway has become the most competitive and most cost-effective transportation mode once it is opened.

Timeliness: The voyage is faster than ocean shipping and is safe and stable.

Cost: Compared with air transportation costs, it can save about 50% of the air rate.

Zero distance: Domestic door-to- Oversea door delivery.

Flexible: Intensive shifts, cut-off when stock is full and loading containers every day.


The policy changes of mainstream international e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, the rapid development of cross-border brands in various countries, and the increasing demand for logistics from e-commerce sellers and customers. Oriental Oceania Logistics has launched the following services in order to cater to the growing needs of customers.

We have our own independently operated warehouse. When we receive the goods from customers, we will affix FBA labels according to the requirements of customers and Amazon. Provided that there is no agency company or own company abroad that can act as an importer to pay customs duties. Provide cross-border e-commerce customers with a complete set of service solutions such as sea, air, and railway

Oversea Warehousing

According to the situation of FBA shipment can not received by Amazon warehouse or the FBA shipment was suddenly cancelled then we offering the service which can take back the goods for storing, change the labels and even change the packing. And we also can be warehousing for the FBA goods which prepare for the peak season.

Customs Clearance

The customs clearance service of Oriental Oceania Logistics is applicable to imported goods arriving in the destination country. We provide fast, reliable and cost-effective services to help customers import goods to their final destination.

The customs clearance service staff of the overseas agents of Oriental Oceania Logistics are familiar with the local regulations, conditions and systems, so they can easily help customers handle the entire set of administrative tasks, thereby greatly saving time and costs.

Oriental Oceania Logistics can also ensure that appropriate documents are submitted to complete the entire set of import and export procedures, thereby avoiding customs clearance delays.

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